Excitement At The Home Based Travel Agent Forum In Disney World!

coronado springsI may not be cruising Sunday to Wednesday of this week, but travel is still on the agenda. For the Home Based Travel Agent Forum, we will be staying at the  Coronado Springs Resort that is part of the Disney World extravaganza. Is that fun or WHAT?!

Not only that but a business partner is flying in from Hawaii to explore most of the month with me… a partner I am yet to meet in person. So yes, I’m STILL excited!

We will touring parts of the Disney properties, taking classes, talking travel and cruising while learning more to increase our home based travel businesses. Not bad for a few days’ work, wouldn’t you say? CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) classes will also be given where we can share opportunities and ideas with like-minded travel gurus, too. disneycharacters

When I attended a Travel Agent Forum in Vegas last April, some great drawings were held as well. In fact I won a 3-day stay at a 4-Star property in Rome. And some won river cruises worth thousands of dollars.

OK, so why don’t YOU get involved and share the love? I’d be happy to show you how. It’s inexpensive. It’s expansive. It’s impressive. It’s all your “retirement” called RECESS while you enjoy a life of excitement like mine. I’m blessed……. And I’m grateful.

ArthurFrommBut the best is yet to come!!! So let’s start with the fact Arthur Frommer  spoke at the Home Based Travel Agent Forum I attended at Disney World this week.

Mr. Frommer was like a kid in a candy store at his booth in the Trade Show when I laid his autographed copy of GETTING PAID TO CRUISE on his table while looking at one of his new guide books on Washington DC. He reached for the book, eyes lighting up the Trade Show room and excitement showing all over his face as he exclaimed “Let me see this new book. This is so exciting. I cannot wait to read this on the plane going home! Did you say I could HAVE this copy? Oh THANK YOU!”

“No I thank YOU, Mr. Frommer, for all the inspiration you have given millions of people over the years in your extensive array of travel information dispersed. YOU are incredible.”

A photo was taken as we finished our conversation.  Arthur Frommer, world renown travel guru stated: “I’m going to review GETTING PAID TO CRUISE on my BLOG in 2 weeks! Now you watch for it. “THAT was a big day in my book (pun intended)!

Watch for his post! It may just be THIS kid in the candy store will be lighting up when I see my book being reviewed by such a quiet and humble man.

WOW. Big day!