Receive Tax Benefits for Traveling

One of the exciting things in life is planning a trip.  Right?  Planning time away, planning time with family, planning a vacation, planning and planning and planning.  One of the interesting things about MY planning is going on to my own website at and looking at packages, pricing airfare, combining hotels and air or not, etc.

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Just imagine this!  My host agency YTB Travel Network secured the most amazing 4 nights and 3 days away at an all-inclusive resort (yes, all food AND drink AND entertainment are included) in Cancun, Mexico that even the prices cannot be disclosed.  That was exciting enough but combined WITH a FREE 4 day, 3 night all-inclusive stay at a different Cancun resort I was lucky enough to win at a travel conference last Fall makes the over-all cost go down even more…. And we have a week’s vacation coming up in August that is actually a Regional Convention where we will be doing what?  Learning more and more about TRAVEL!  Wa-laa!

Simply pricing comparatively on my website makes that Cancun trip I mentioned  that much more enticing.  Given the fact the entire trip will be written off as a tax deduction …. Well what can I say?  I do believe I am in the most exciting (and biggest!) industry on the planet!   Here’s some food for thought you are welcome to share with family and friends:

Have you ever thought about YOUR receiving tax benefits for your own travel?  How about expenses of hotel charges and meals when you are entertaining or going away?  Or on the golf course for that matter?  If you are indeed earnestly working at growing your business, the possibilities are unlimited!

You see I love the cruise industry for certain.  But then again I’m also open to getting a bargain, combining leisure with fellow business associates who are also using their business to create residual income for their future and perhaps hanging out by the pool in Cancun for some leisure time away as well.  Does it get any better than that?sunsets0001

I’d be glad to show you the ropes but meanwhile if you’re more interested in the cruise field than a land-based vacation, be sure to check out

Who knows?  Perhaps it’s just the RIGHT time for a job change!

See you on the beaches of the world, cruising into your future with a sense of inner peace……