Past Travel Journey To Spain

Thinking through past travel journeys is always an experience in itself.  Here we are in Spain a few year back…. Check out the dresses! And of course the bull ring!

The traje de flamenca is the most characteristic visual element of flamenco.  It is an ankle length dress which is adorned with ruffles in both the skirt and sleeves. Typically, its brightly colored and may be either plain or patterned, with the most popular being the polka-dotted dress.  The outfit is traditionally worn with hair up in a bun and is accompanied by a mantle worn over the shoulders. The dress can also be made in a separate top and skirt.

Flamenco is a form of Spanish folk music that consists of staccato dancing, castanets, hand clapping and passionate guitar picking. This form of dancing was originally practiced by gypsies and flamenco has grown into one of Spain’s most popular musical genres. The southern region of Andalusia features the best flamenco in the country, especially in such cities as Seville and Granada.




Madrid, Seville, Granada and Pamplona have legendary bullrings in which matadors slaughter bulls in ballet-like rituals dating back hundreds of years. Bullfighting season lasts from spring through fall.

From there to Gispain3braltar where this little monkey creature grabbed and ate my ice cream! And I hadn’t even had a full bite yet!  Hey! That’s not even fair!

As in many wars past and during WWII, Gibraltar gave Britain a presences in a dangerous Mediterranean Sea.   The civilian population was evacuated and Gibraltar was transformed into a fortress. The shelter of the Rock was a vital base in the struggle with U-boats patrolling the Atlantic.  Hitler appreciated the crucial role of Britain’s position here and tried, and failed, to drive Britain and allies off the Rock.











Spain anyone? And did you know that Gibraltar is a country unto itself? It’s actually quite easy to drive there …. That is unless you have a BIG car and get it stuck in a LITTLE street !!! Oh yes. Been there, done that!

Isn’t traveling such a BLAST??!!!