Lady Sandals


Carol Lee Miles Certification


One of the exciting benefits of taking various travel training’s is getting perks as a reward.  Who would have thought my husband and I would be invited to dinner on the Lady Sandals Yacht, harbored in Miami?  It certainly never entered my mind as I didn’t even know there IS a Lady Sandals Yacht!


Sandals Yacht in Miami

Hobbling as I was after surgery on both my feet, I was determined we would still take advantage of this incredible experience….  And that we did!  Sitting in the “living room” on the yacht was fun indeed, but sitting at the helm was even more surreal.

CLM Sandals Lady


After publishing my book GETTING PAID TO CRUISE and then taking FULL advantage of becoming an online, home-based Travel Agent, my husband and I have found a whole new world.  You, too, can do just that.  For minimal cost and minimal overhead, the huge return on your investment is found in many ways….. not only can you travel at a fraction of the cost but you can also step across the threshold of the Lady Sandals Yacht if you simply put a little time and effort into education.  Why not you?

Check out to learn more or book your own travel.  Oh and by the way please call me if you find a cheaper price elsewhere.  We can always do additional research together and find what you are looking for!

Carol Lee Miles & Larry Love

Sandals Full Bar







Wherever you are in life, I hope you are cruising with a sense of inner peace.  We are leaving in a couple of weeks to do just that….  Cruise once again.  I think you might like our lifestyle!