Seasons of Life – September 22, 2013

From sunrise to sunset, every day changes. From birth to death, every year  changes. From one season of life to the next, every season changes. Reflecting on  these thoughts, I write to you today with thankful heart and peaceful mind. I am  feeling extremely blessed and abundantly thankful.

Years ago when I grew up on a farm in central Missouri, I dreamed of flying in  an airplane, racing across the sky at the speed of sound. Later after marrying  and having a family, things changed as we transitioned and daughters grew into

Two beautiful daughters went off to start their own journeys and our home  remained a haven for coming together at a table filled with love …. And a washing  machine filled with memories as the clothes swirled around and the lives twirled  around. Ours was a home of travel and excitement.

photo.JPGTaking the annual trek from Colorado to MO to our beloved Pomme de Terre lake  every year was always memorable. The girls grew up learning to balance on snow  skis, after training in MO lakes every year on water skis. Balance… it is a word we  use in everyday life now, just trying to maintain in our own busy lives, life as it is in  2013.

I am forever grateful for having traveled and shared with groups of veterinarians  and spouses. We made memories in places that abound with beauty and style…… Germany, France, Scotland, England, Puerto Rico, Hawaii. The list goes on and on.

I am also forever grateful for having traveled the world with Flight Attendant  friends working for Ports of Call Travel Company in Denver.


From Ports of Call Travel Club days in the 80’s and 90’s you can visibly see seasons change as we grow a few more “mature gray” hairs and physically we …… well, let’s  just leave it at that! The details are simply too numerous to mention.

And pick this story up after celebrating in Denver the retirement of my dear friend  Donna who circled the world WITH me as a FA for Ports of Call, but then went on to  retire after having worked for 4 more airlines while I chose the life of professional Tour Director/Cruise Host. Needless to say the party was filled with memories.  ‘Mem-ries… like the corners of our lives”

Tomorrow….. same time, same place.