Hitting The High Seas On One Of Those Dam Ships

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And I just love it when you decide to come hang out with me and DREAM!   Today, let’s hit the seas on one of those DAM ships!  You know…. The Holland America Line ending on all their ship names.  There’s the Westerdam, the Rotterdam, the Oosterdam, the Ryndam, the Zuindam …. And the list goes on and on.  How about we try out the Nieuw Amsterdam.  She is a beauty! 

IMG_7900IMG_7892 IMG_7898

Yes, that IS the correct spelling and I took some photos just to prove it.

And yes, I do have a few cards from the DAM ships very similar to a key card used to enter a hotel room.   These days when you board a ship your cabin key card becomes your “click on and off” ticket.  It is a very clever way to see that you are in the system as they do take your photo, yes, but also to know if/when someone from the ship is NOT onboard when the ship is ready to leave port.

Art is evident throughout the ship in various ways.  Right away you get the feeling of “classy” and makes the tour interesting, to say the least.  The Nieuw Amsterdam and the Eurodam are the newest in the Holland America Fleet and the décor is a fun addition to the HAL experience.

IMG_7776 IMG_7882

Greeted in the public areas the hard-working staff was already polishing handrails and keeping the ship neat and tidy.  You will always find a big smile on these guys’ faces, making the welcome extra special.


One of the unique concepts Holland America Line brought to light is a Culinary Center on their ships.  As you can see the Center is quite large and passengers enjoy learning from chefs and experimenting with various recipes.  This center is used extensively and is always full of folks excited and having fun.

IMG_7841 IMG_7842

Another unique concept on HAL is every cabin on the Nieuw Amsterdam has a couch in the cabin.  Longer voyages are quite common on HAL and it surely makes a difference to have a couch to relax on in the cabin once in awhile, rather than sitting on the bed.   Here you see an inside cabin and an outside cabin, quite comfortable space wise.


Of course Balcony and Suite cabins are common as well, most having a full bath with tub and shower.  Spacious is used to describe this upscale selection.

IMG_7799 IMG_7800 IMG_7804

Personally I was excited to see a private deck hot tub!   Having booked one and having seen one are two different things.  Yes, I think I could handle this.  How about you?   Does that look like the height of relaxation?!   And luxury?

The specially designed Showroom has events nightly, everything from Broadway Shows to entertainment of various kinds.  Beautifully designed, the showroom is on two levels with elegantly comfortable seating.

IMG_7866 IMG_7870 (2)

Headed toward our hosted luncheon on-board, we pass by another artistic masterpiece.  Resembling a New York intimate nightclub setting, notice the chandelier is the NYC skyline shining both up and down.   The Northern Lights Nightclub is unique to HAL, as is the Ocean Bar and Piano Bar.  All these venues are used throughout the evening and the piano bar quite often has standing room only.

 IMG_7780 IMG_7835
IMG_7846 IMG_7836

A new feature that has been highly used and talked about is the Tamarind and Silk Den Lounge, pan-Asian type restaurants open at lunch and dinner.  Combined with the always elegant Pinnacle Grille, it has given HAL enthusiasts new choices for specialty dining.

Business Development Managers from Holland met with travel professionals at lunch, explaining the HAL product even more.  Very impressive.

IMG_7857 IMG_7856

One might think with an older crowd there is no need for children’s facilities, but actually the HAL Club is very popular.  More and more multi-generational families are taking advantage of cruises because of the economical way in which all can travel together yet do their own thing.

IMG_7783 IMG_7784
IMG_7788 IMG_7789

On the last Holland America cruise I took to Alaska, there were hundreds of children aboard, but you hardly ever saw them except on land.  The “travel together” concept has caught on quite nicely in the cruise world.

Last but certainly not least, I want to show you my favorite part of Holland America … their SPA !   Heated lounge chairs are positioned so when one is in the popular bathrobes lounging, looking out over the back of the ship at the wake curling up, water quietly trickling down a water feature near, what can I say?  It is HEAVENLY!     Additionally the rather unique gigantic whirlpool where couples can lie on steel rods with waters swirling around them, now that is pure luxury!!!

IMG_7887 IMG_7888
IMG_7890 IMG_7891

Pool areas with open/close dome top are used quite frequently when available on certain ships.  Even when it’s rainy outside, the water still feels heavenly inside.

On the newer ships it is now possible to rent a “cabana” or special beach chair, even in the rain.  Concepts such as this have sprung up from various parts of the world to various venues in the world.

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