Aboard The Regal Princess Known As “The Love Boat”

Hello Happy Cruisers!

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Having talked about the Carnival Breeze last time, how about we explore the brand new Princess REGAL today?  This beautiful ship had big publicity as “The Love Boat” while we travel professionals were experiencing CruiseWorld 2014.   In fact I even got a quick snap of none other than Captain Stubing himself as he was starting an interview.  I always wanted to be “Julie” growing up, so I guess this might be as close to it as possible in this day and age……  snapping a photo through a peep-hole and laughing at the fact the Captain looks quite different today.  What do you think?


The atrium on the REGAL is quite regal indeed!   And right away we caught a glimpse of the pool and Movies Under the Stars Screen where celebrities would be introduced for the 50-year celebration of Princess Cruises.

atrium atrium2 pool1

Now are you ready to go explore this magnificent ship yourself?   Oh just wait!  Take a look at these photos where you can walk out over the water.  Yes, there is a little curved walkway that actually goes out over the ocean below.  I must say it’s a funny feeling thinking there is a piece of plexi-glass separating you and LOTS of water below!

CLM pointingReady for lunch?  The Horizon Court is familiar to those who have cruised Princess before, but this one seems a bit more upscale.  Note the dark wood and marble facing on the buffet and nice seating area.    NOW are you ready to take off?

horizonsign horizonseating horizonmarble

And another of my favorites…

wheelhouseOne can assume that a cruise is like an eating marathon!  Now you know why some cruise lines have started designating certain areas as “healthy lifestyle eating.”  I do understand that as I talked to gyma lady just last week who had done her 164th cruise over Christmas.  And she said it would be her 164th cruise on the same cruise line!  Wow is all I can say.  Personally I would top out at over 300 lbs. easily if I cruised that often.

So now let’s switch gears and get the kiddos situated on the ship so we can have some time in the more relaxed areas for adults.  Did you know that Princess Cruises has been voted #1 for their children’s program?   Well, that’s because Princess offers more of an educational program than simply a way to charge cabin cards for a huge video arcade like some ships we have toured or cruised on.

There are 3 main age groups:  Pelicans, Shock Waves, and (named by vote of the older age group)  Remix.

They say a picture says a thousand words so here you go.  First the younger ones:




Next up is the Shockwaves Group:


shockwaves sign shockwaves2shockwaves1

And last but not least check THIS out for the older kids…  their own private lounge deck and hot tub.

teens1 teens2Computer screens dominate one whole area while lounging in front of a big screen tv with others of similar age can enjoy age appropriate movies.  The best part is ALL areas are totally supervised by young people trained to work with adolescents.  The word out is “WHEN ARE WE COMING BACK TO CRUISE AGAIN?

OK, so what say we have a little relax time and check out the Serenity area Princess has become known for.   Is that cabanas we are seeing?   Absolutely YES!  And how about the private areas for a nice massage?    Or a hot tub perhaps?FullSizeRender_2



I guess now that you are that relaxed we may as well check out a nice suite, huh?   I could stand to stay in this cabin for a nice journey across the waters, how about you?   Or maybe even just a balcony cabin?

suite1 suite2 suite3 suite4

Are you thinking the inside ones are getting to look pretty boring now?  Yep.  That’s what happens to cruisers.  Pretty soon you start saying “Been there, done that.”  Just show me one where I can BE on the water!

OK, well let’s have a look at the Pool and that will close our tour for today.  Can you just imagine being a lounge chair here, eating freshly popped pop corn and having drinks while watching a movie or sports event …..  while moving on in the evening to your next port I might add?


Now I guess you know what all got me hooked on cruising many moons ago!  I call it the height of luxury, no matter what cruise line.  Just put me on the water and I’m a happy cruiser.

Today I hope you are happy and content, too, enjoying the new year.  Why not welcome the New Year (2015) with a cruise?  You can easily book at:  www.CLMPeaceTravel.com.  And remember to CALL ME at 970-396-8253 if you can’t find your favorite cruise line listed there.  We host ALL companies from A-Z, take pride in helping YOU find the lowest sale price and look forward to planning your next getaway WITH you.   Now wouldn’t that be a blast??!!!

Come one, come all.  Join the FUN on the waters of the world.  You can be as busy  as you want (or not) for the entire journey.     You pick the cruise and leave the rest up to me.

Safe Journeys!

And may the waters of tomorrow be as smooth as glass, and every sunset be in a different port each evening.  Now THAT’s living!   And THAT’s what cruising is all about!

God Bless…