The Excitement of Cruising

Why does the thought of a cruise ship excite me so? Could it be the passion involved in simply finding oneself?

Today I’m grateful once again, grateful for the excitement of the months ahead. I’ll get to share with you each day or two, depending on schedules and “busy-ness” of my business. You see my business includes TRAVEL, the biggest industry on the planet! What could be more exciting than being involved IN the biggest industry on the planet?disneycruiseline

And that TRAVEL business includes over the next couple of months THREE CRUISES on THREE DIFFERENT CRUISE LINES! Now that’s a WOW! Even bigger is the fact all THREE ARE FREE, or at least MOSTLY FREE.

First I want to share a bit about “Three and Free” – a concept my host travel agency YTB Travel Network supports.  My internet travel site is called CLMPeace Travel.

Yes, the word PEACE continues throughout all aspects OF my life! You can check it out for yourself at if you want.

Think of it this way. I am a home-based Travel Agent for a host Agency called YTB Travel Network. My website is my business. The exciting part is anyone can have their own website like mine, similar to ones you may be more familiar with like Travelocity or Expedia.

These electronic kinds of travel websites (sometimes called ‘Click and Order’) have replaced many of the local agencies (sometimes called ‘Brick and Mortar’). Virtually anyone can go online 24 hours a day and do what I call “Point and Shoot.” In other words, they point to a location and date for a hotel, car rental, plane ticket or cruise and ‘shoot’ their credit card info into a form and BOOM.  The plans are made, the trip gets taken and in most cases one hasn’t even talked to a PERSON involved. It’s like interacting with a machine.

Now think about this. What if you remember my face each time you go to book your trip. Wouldn’t you rather book with a PERSON instead of just a MACHINE? In today’s world you can do just that OR you can call me for help with the mechanics, talk with me about that favorite cruise you’ve always wanted to do or which cruise line I would recommend.

The best part of my host agency is if you have at least 3 business partners, your website hosting of $50/month is waived. That’s what we call THREE and FREE! Do you like FREE?

THREE FREE cruises in TWO short months! Now that’s what I call living large!

Happy cruising!