Let’s Talk Travel Tips

Anyone ready for a cruise? I am! In the last few weeks, I’ve been stripping wallpaper, painting walls, moving furniture and shopping for bargains. That’s what life in transition is like, so how about we leave the world behind and plan for a cruise?

norwegian-tropicana-roomIn fact the “Cruise to Nowhere” November 15-17, 2014, in/out of Tampa, Florida, is coming up very soon and there is still space available in my group MILES GETTING PAID TO CRUISE.

Want to get away for a weekend of nothing but relaxation??? Or classes if you prefer? I’ll be teaching a 4-hour seminar on the Norwegian Dawn on my book entitled “Getting Paid to Cruise” for those who are interested in knowing HOW to increase their income. As long as we are talking about increasing income, why not do that IN the cruise profession, but working from your own desk or office at home? As it relates to the last post I am THREE and FREE, and it costs me nothing to continue in my cruise business. I can show you how to do the same.

What do we THINK about when planning for a cruise? Today let’s talk TRAVEL TIPS.

1. Depending on length of the cruise, get $1 bills — $50 for a short trip or even $100 for a longer trip. If not all $1 bills, smaller bills like $5’s.

2. Make sure passport is up to date.

3. Copy passport and store in different location than where you carry your original. Take an extra passport photo just in case of loss or theft.

4. If depending on a birth certificate, make sure it is the original with raised seal.

5. If location requires a VISA, have it ready to go.

6. Copy your itinerary and put in your checked bag.

7. Make sure you leave a copy with family or friends along with a phone number to reach you in case of emergency.

8. Make sure locks on luggage are TSA approved.

9. Make sure luggage is identified on outside of bag.

10. If the cruise line has supplied luggage tags through the Internet on paper, keep these with your important papers and attach them AFTER you land at your destination airport.

11. Make sure you have a copy of your Cruise Contract with you.

12. Plan for your carry-on (form of identification, medicines, extra eye glasses, extra contacts, extra set of clothes and shoes, night clothing, cosmetics, Journal, Book, I-pad, I-pod, Camera, extra batteries for various items, information on your destination(s), cell phone, chargers, converter if needed, jewelry and snacks).

Repeatedly I hear from travelers that “My suitcase with all my meds, shoes, jewelry, etc. is LOST!” so let this be a warning.  Keep what you need every day with you when traveling and keep your jewelry, too, if you value it at all.