Celebration on Marco Island, Florida

Birthdays … they seem to roll around each year, ever reminding us of years behind and years ahead of us.    And some birthdays are just plain special!   This year is one I will cherish forever.  I celebrated on Marco Island in Florida.

The sand on Marco is incredibly WHITE … and gorgeous.

With all the beauty surrounding these few days, I am forever grateful to Traci and Terri, two beautiful daughters that brought this dream to reality.  Time was spent at the Marriott Marco Island, away from hurry-scurry; and I can say wholeheartedly I recommend this property with great enthusiasm.  

As Traci works in sales for Marriott, every time I’m near one of their “branded” properties, I always go in and take a look, exploring the possibility of staying there one day.  About a year ago I found this gorgeous place along the West Coast of Florida, so once again I put into the universe the desire to stay there eventually.  As it came closer to our birthdays, my friend Carol (birthday two days after mine) and I decided to try it out.  And try it out we did.

We tried breakfast on the deck (compliments of Carol), the spa, one of the various (and numerous) restaurants on the property, the relaxed atmosphere at the pool and the welcoming sand of that gorgeous, powdery, white sandy beach.  It was heaven — heaven because the days away from “hectic” turned into total relaxation.  For 3 nights we slept until ready to wake up and the “busy-ness” of “business” got left behind….. somewhere out there on the horizon awaiting our return.

In the quiet moments of a more relaxed mind, I once again was reminded of all the beauty of this earth.  The sand between my toes brought front and center the why of my passion for cruising, the gorgeous sunset landscape beyond the lapping of the ocean waves.

And so it is — as stated in my BLOG I brought back to life on my birthday this year. Life can be exciting, even in transition, as the future unfolds in a new environment, for me in a state called Florida.  I’m loving it here, at least for the time being, until the mountains of Colorado call out for return.  Life in transition.

In closing I simply want to say I am grateful.  I’m grateful for writing and the blessings it brings, grateful for family and friends, grateful for a faith that leads me in directions I never would have dreamed of, grateful for the beauty of this earth and the skies beyond., grateful for sand and sea.

And I highly suggest in YOUR busy life, you stop for a moment to reflect.  It doesn’t have to be on Marco Island, but simply in the quietness of your heart and soul.  Take the time to be grateful.  Take the time to feel blessed beyond all measure.  Take the time to believe in yourself as the universe pulls you in various directions.

Like the whirlwind of life, when the dust finally settles, reach out to say THANK YOU!

God Bless, Happy Cruisers!

And may your journey be filled with joy, hope, love and peace until next time,