Seasons of Life – September 23, 2013


September is a month we share.  My granddaughter Andie celebrates her birthday on the 17 while mine falls on the 24. She loves her Mrs. Beasley who managed to survive her mother and her aunt, while making a new place in her heart for “Molly”  the new American sensation that draws folks into a gigantic store where you can not only get the doll’s hair styled but select from a zillion outfits to fit the mood of the day.  photo.JPG

What I realize at my more “mature” age is Andie is making memories for her own children and  grandchildren as she carefully puts Molly to bed each night and  preserves her doll-like image for her future. As I reflect on this scenario, I wonder if  Andie, her brother Blake or her cousins Natalie and Nina will follow in my footsteps  and fly around the world at the speed of sound …. Or not. Stay tuned as more  grandchildren stories are bound to unfold as the years roll along.

photo.JPGFor today, the seasons of change pop back into my mind as I sit and reflect at a  beautiful Marriott Resort Hotel and Spa on Marco Island, FL. (There are advantages  of having a daughter who works for Marriott! Thank you Traci and Terri, Wes and  Michael and families for this most gracious birthday gift…. Three days/nights at this  absolutely gorgeous place!)

My long-time friend Carol (birthday 2 days after mine) and I decided to find a getaway in FL to share some down time. Yes we could have chosen a cruise but her  thought of a SPA seemed OK by me. Our love of Marriott properties came into being even before Traci started working for the company so the agreement was made.

If you are hanging in with this story, tomorrow is another day.