Exciting Adventures Aboard the Carnival Breeze!

Here’s hoping your Thanksgiving was AWESOME and your Christmas season is beginning with the true Spirit of the Season.

What say we have some time together simply cruising through some cruise ships? Does that sound like fun? CruiseWorld is held in the Fall for Travel Professionals, an event orchestrated by Travel Weekly. It’s a time when cruise specialists and “wanna be” specialists have a time to explore and learn!!! As a travel professional, you may have enjoyed some cruise ship inspections yourself. If you have never been exposed to such, however, it dawned on me you might like to share this experience through photographs. Hopefully you will enjoy the journey, start to dream or simply grab a cup of coffee and spend some time together smiling….. or perhaps even in amazement…. Or thinking about checking off YOUR BUCKET LIST!

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So here goes. Let’s look at some fun stuff together! Got your feet up and ready to dream?


One of the newest ships in the Carnival fleet is the Breeze. As you can see from the crowd, there were hundreds of folks waiting to board. To tour the ship BEFORE the throngs of folks, we travel professionals were whisked on with a wedding party that had been delayed for their service. Looking out over the waiting area, I was thankful for the Travel Agent badge at that point. We were able to “look it over” before folks actually got on to cruise that week. Here’s hoping the bride and groom got the knot tied as well!

photo 2



The atrium is quite nice with glass elevators that seemingly go up and up and up. I guessphoto 4 they DO since the ship holds lots of folks — 3690 guests to be exact, with 1386 crew.

Gambling and drinking opportunities welcome the crowd immediately introducing the Casino. The dominoes touch on the front of the bar is fun and partying is evident from the get-go. By the time we left in 3 hrs. there were some good times being had!

bar1 bar2

There are an overwhelming number of video games, etc., onboard the Breeze. Quite frankly what I couldn’t imagine was children and adults putting their cabin key card in a machine each time they played and getting charged on the final bill! That fact alone was quite astounding!

And even a wine bar LIBRARY!

library bar1library bar





The various young folks areas did have fun “relax” areas, too, and computer stations everywhere for more game opportunities. Age groups are divided and “hangout” areas are marked accordingly. Sorry the photos are rather blurry with the fast pace of camera snapping, but we had to speed through like crazy in order to make lunch!

games 02 game stations TVroom 02 lounge

Lunch was served in the beautiful Blush Dining Room that is quite tastefully done and lovely. As you can tell, they fed us very well AND entertained us very well, too!

entree1 entree2
entertainers waiters

For those who have traveled on Carnival before, you may be surprised at the toned down decor, the updated and more contemporary furnishings and more subtle kinds of art….. quite a change from earlier Carnival-brand ships.

Alternative dining choices are fun. Here you see the Red Frog Pub complete with palm tree.palmtree






Cabins on Carnival ships are usually quite good for space and the breeze is no exception. Check out an inside and outside cabin. Balconies are tiny, tiny (yes that’s the entire space you see) but on the larger ships it seems the trend is going that way.

stateroom balcony stateroom1







All good things must come to an end, so after our whirlwind race through and delicious lunch, we said goodbye to our Carnival host. Left with fond memories and always a smile after a day of “recess” and fun! Yes Carnival is known for being a FUN ship!

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Safe Travels Everyone, wherever your journey leads this month.