Training While Traveling on The Spectacular MSC Divina


It dawned on me I haven’t really addressed the MSC Divina, a ship that is SO spectacular I set up a group January 11-13, 2015 where I will be training on my book GETTING PAID TO CRUISE.  It’s a short 2-night, 3 day cruise making it easily affordable for (1) those wanting the training (2) those wanting to experience a short cruise to see if they like cruising (3) those wanting a quick getaway and (4) those wanting to experience MSC cruises or simply those who love to cruise.  It goes in/out of Miami and $100 pp deposit is due now, with the final later in October.


MSC Divina photo


In short, this is a favorite of ours, mostly because of the exquisite way in which the unusual decorating is done.   For instance, the staircase in the atrium is made of Swarovski crystals, making it seem very glamorous from the get-go.


MSC Divina crystal staircase

Cabins are well appointed and fairly spacious.  This photo is of a B-2 Balcony that is group priced at $333.84, actually cheaper than the regular rate for the January cruise.


MSC Divina cabin


The Lounge areas are very fun, this one with interesting seating arrangements and “dueling pianos” for nightly entertainment and fun.  Offset from this lounge is a miniature bowling alley as well.  Very exciting and different use of space.


MSC Divina Dueling PianosMSC Divina Orange bar


Of course we are always wondering what the food might TASTE like, and you can see from a couple of choices it’s all GOOD … perhaps way TOO good!   You know what they say…..  cruises are good for a pound a day.   But I like to think that is NOT the case!


MSC Divina Food 1 MSC Divina Pizza


Yes, indeed, the Divina is beautiful!

And various types of barstools are always fun, too……one of the things that makes this ship so unique!

This particular cruise will take us to Nassau and those who want to will be able to check out land options.  There’s always Atlantis for fun!


MSC Divina Welcome BahamasMSC Divina CLM hands in air

And all around the ship, La Dolce Vita memorabilia takes one back in time.


MSC La Dolce Vita photo 1


There is even a suite designed by Sophia Loren.  Something for everyone for sure!

So why not put YOUR name on a CRUISE CARD and come along for the adventure of cruising in a whole new MSC atmosphere.  It may not be a long one, but it will be a FUN ONE!


MSC Divina key card

MSC Divina CLM & LL life jackets


Contact me at 970-396-8253 or

Happy Cruising!!!