AWESOME Opportunities In The Biggest Industry On The Planet – TRAVEL

CruiseWorld Registration

Excitement reigns at CruiseWorld 2013 where Getting Paid To Cruise was highlighted as an Exhibitor. I drove across the state of Florida on Alligator Alley. (Ever stop to think why that highway is named that? Try Googling just for fun!) Another chatter-filled drive with my biz partner and friend Elaine from Hawaii! Gee whiz, do I love my business!!!!

After signing in, another FAM is set to take off at the speed of sound. We’ll be touring the brand new Norwegian BREAKAWAY. Stay tuned for pics and info. Feeling EXHILARATED and anticipating wonder and awe for my future guests on this dynamic new cruise ship.

Breakaway3Cruises are still the best BANG FOR THE BUCK! We’ll talk about that one of these days. How’s your cruising through life going? Simply hope you enjoy YOUR J-O-B as much as I enjoy my RECESS!

We toured the brand new Norwegian Cruise Line’s BREAKAWAY. It’s always a thrill to think any “floating ocean-going vessel” is being introduced to the world in such a grand way. From the magnificent chandelier and blue-lighted staircase to the FUN Sports Deck that hosts a water slide, play pool for the children, teen hangout and more.  The ship simply goes on and on.

NCL also hosted a beautiful dinner on board where delicacies such as a salmon entrée were accompanied by salad and dessert. Wine flowed freely and a good time was had by all. There were three coaches filled with chattering Travel Agents for the ride from Port Canaveral to Ft. Lauderdale as we shared impressions and thoughts. One thing about travel folks – we are never at a loss for words as we keep the latest information flowing out into the industry. Every chance I could share Getting Paid To Cruise, the agents were excited. Who knows but what authoring that book may bring more home-based folks into the industry. Why not YOU? Did you get paid on your last cruise booking?CruiseWorld2013

I am truly blessed to be living passionately in a dream profession (TRAVEL) that is the largest industry on the planet. Having a photo taken with Mr. Marc Mancini, the travel guru who designed the specific travel training courses for my home-based host agency YTB, was a highlight to my day. Having the opportunity to thank someone personally that has offered so much of himself is a true blessing.

The Trade Show is next where Getting Paid To Cruise was highlighted in Booth 435 from noon to 6 pm!  Getting Paid To Cruise is a dream come true.

The Trade Show was great! Educational CRUISE classes were great. Spoke with Mr. Marc Mancini personally about the past and future of YTB.  Next, I went on  a cruise ship inspection with lunch on the Royal Caribbean Oasis of the Seas on Saturday.

Disney Magic pool and movieOn Sunday, we went on a tour of the new Disney Magic during the day and then spent the night on the Royal Caribbean Vision of the Seas in the port of MIAMI before heading home on Monday. Whew! It’s been quite the two weeks of my LIFE!!!

AWESOME opportunities for those in the biggest industry on the planet – TRAVEL.

Tough job but someone has to do it. Love that website where I can show you HOW to join me in this FAB business at Getting Paid To Cruise. Come join the FUN!

Ahhhhhhhh….. To cruise or not to cruise? That is the question.