Funny thing!  Back in 1986 when I first became involved in the travel industry, it was through a travel club called Ports of Call.  POC was based in Denver, CO and had over 25,000 members who had one thing in common.  They all LOVED to TRAVEL!  Every time a member traveled they got a bar for the trip.  The whole world of “Rewards Points” was yet to evolve.

Fast forward to 2015 and guess what?!  On March 2, 2015, Surge365 emerged into today’s marketplace with a whole new kind of “lifestyle” travel membership club.  Am I equally excited about the benefits of this “new” idea?  You bet!!!  Why?  Because you can use the club to TRAVEL MORE, SAVE MORE or MAKE MORE…… or simply do all 3 and enjoy it all!  I’m not sure who thought of the idea in the first place, but I will share my opinion free of charge.   LOL.   The concept is BRILLIANT!  That’s the best word I can think of to describe the club.

Button! Button!  Who’s got the button loaded with $250 worth of vacation benefits?  The “button” loads onto the computer by USB port and when the recipient checks on pricing for various kinds of accommodations, he/she can deduct up to $250 off the savings on the lowest price on the Internet OR choose to join the club for $349.  After checking several prices, it becomes quite evident the membership price will more than pay for itself if the user plans much travel at all over the next year or two.  Additionally every trip (including plane tickets, hotels/resorts, car rentals, cruises, etc.) builds REWARDS POINTS that are good for 10 years.   The brilliance is there is nothing out there to compare.  So SURGE ON!!!   Check this out:

Love Surge Travel

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Following my personal career between Ports of Call in Denver (1986) and Surge365 Internationally (2015), along came the emergence of a field I personally had never considered — the Travel Agent world (2008).   Let me just share one expression for that part of my journey….a big WOW!  Not only have I learned SO MUCH about various tour operators, cruise lines, river cruise companies and lots of other fun things, but the training is FUN!  And it taught me how to (1) price, (2) sell, (3) market, and (4) put VALUE to my time!   And guess what??  The training is FREE with a Surge365 membership.  Read on for more info.   Now THAT’s yet another brilliant star out there.

You see at first I was simply doing all this travel “stuff” for my own enjoyment and planning it out for my friends.  However the longer you spend DOING THAT, the more folks start to rely ON you and it ends up being an unpaid career.  “Unpaid” is the key word here.  Why not get paid for your own time?

Have you ever thought about becoming a Travel Agent?  The TA world is wide open these days with the onset of booking travel by Internet means.  And back to that word above “BRILLIANT” let me just say again here that Travel Agent Training with Surge365 is absolutely free using online classes, with a “Diamond Class” travel agency PRO TRAVEL NETWORK (PTN).

PTN training is great!  And once you have done your training you can do the work yourself OR use their full-time staff to do the booking for you and you STILL GET 50% of the commissions paid by the vendor to PTN.  I admit it.  Sometimes I am simply having too much fun traveling without the TIME to devote to the booking phase so I turn it over with a big “Whew!” and let them do the work.  I still collect the checks.  Looking back, did I mention the word “brilliant”??   LOL.

As many of you are aware, I travel to live and live to travel.  In my particular world, it could be “cruise to live and live to cruise.”  So once a year as a travel professional I love visiting Ft. Lauderdale, FL during the Cruise360 event.  Why?  Because the CEO’s and other management folks of various cruise lines come together in a healthy way – to exchange ideas and bring us up to date on what’s coming up in the cruise world of tomorrow versus the trends of today.

Stay tuned for my next BLOG where I invite you to share the Cruise Line International Association (CLIA) Cruise360 event for 2015.  Be my guest.

Meanwhile check out this website: which is MY Pro Travel Network site.  What will you name yours?  Would you be available to perhaps take some classes FREE through Princess Cruises for example (through your Pro Travel Network affiliation) and choose your own cruise for two people absolutely FREE?  Do I need to spell that word for you?  F – R – E – E !   Yes, I’ve been on 2 free cruises, one to the Mediterranean on the Ruby Princess for 17 days and one to the Panama Canal for 14 days.

Are you beginning to think this is a WOW business to be in?  If so, SURGE365 ON to the next BLOG when I will take you along to the Cruise360 event for 2015 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  We had a blast.

Be sure to contact me at one of the following for more information on any of the above:   970-396-8253;  email me at: or visit my website:  Getting Paid To Cruise.

Happy Cruising,