Repostitioning Cruises Anyone?

Have you ever thought about a “repositioning” cruise?   Did you know the VALUE in these cruises can be great?   Did you know pricing can be considerably less?

One Minute MBA


Questions to ask yourself:

1.  Do I love sea days?

2.  Am I a person who doesn’t care if he/she EVER gets off the ship?

3.  Can I afford the time to be away from home?

4.  Can I work from anywhere in the world, including from a cruise ship?

5.  Did I realize one can even reposition along the Eastern seaboard of the US for example?

I started thinking about these things for other clients after I was able to get my own clients a fabulous deal cruising from Quebec City, Canada all the way down to Ft. Lauderdale.  What are YOUR circumstances?

Three years ago we left my tattered and worn finalized “pages” for my book GETTING PAID TO CRUISE with my ultimate publishing company and cruised from Ft. Lauderdale, FL over to Portugal to begin a Mediterranean cruise.  To be honest we slept most of the way over and loved it.  If we awoke at 1:00 pm (in disbelief!) we were delighted to choose whether it was “breakfast time” or “lunch time” as we planned our day.  Sound crazy?

I might add this was a FREE cruise, the ultimate PRINCESS CRUISES reward for taking Princess training online and becoming a Commodore.





With repositioning there is a lot of time at sea.  Can you see advantages?  Definitely the price is often right and the luxury of cruising is right at your fingertips.  Consider these things when you plan your next cruise.

One Minute MBA

Hopefully wherever YOU are cruising in life it is with a sense of inner peace.