Paradise in Cancun

One of the exciting aspects of being in the travel industry is the ability to go into various webinar locations and check out which properties clients might enjoy.  Once we knew about the Cancun possibility we inquired of other travel partners which properties they liked best in the area.  Highly recommended were the AM Resorts properties that include Secrets (adults) and Dreams (suitable for families).

CLM & LL w photo 1 Cancun 1 blogAfter taking Master Agent classes in the AM Resorts brand (takes 2-3 hours online) we contacted the Sales Manager at Secrets the Vine as it was in close proximity to the two Marriott properties explored in my previous BLOG post.

Our host Ana was gracious in showing around my husband Larry, myself and our business partners Karen and Jim Wilson.  An interesting note for the resort itself is they host wine tasting twice a day from their huge assortment of wines.  As it was about time for lunch we decided to try out the more icy inclusions at a restaurant near the beach.

While we were dining inside (wide array of food choices) on various dishes, they set up an enticing buffet outside and decided next time we would try that.   There were hot dogs and hamburgers cooked to order right by the pool, as well as a complete Mexican display to choose from.  Yummmmmmmm all the way around.   And you realize, of course, this resort is ALL-INCLUSIVE, so I doubt we would have complained at most anything.  However in all honesty the food was quite tasty.

Below you will see a couple of nice drink choices, plus a balcony from one of the rooms that had lounge-type chaise furniture to enjoy.  It was the same type offering at the pool except the lounges were more bamboo in a dark brown color but equally as comfortable.  Nice surroundings to say the least!

drinks in Cancun Pic 2 in CC 1CC3 in CC1 Blog





Rooms were simply and comfortably decorated, with bar areas in various places around the resort where smaller snack type food is offered.   Obviously in the day we spent there food was constantly available.   Kind of like a cruise, one never goes hungry at an all-inclusive!


cc6 in cc2 blog (bar)

cc4 in cc1 Blog cc5 in cc2 blog


CLM & LL in front of beach CC1 blogOne of the favorite parts of the day was hanging out by the beach and pool overlooking the ocean, then going down for a walk in the waves.  Does life get any better than that?!!!!!  You can see the parasail in the distance and various types of activities.  Non-motorized sports are included at the resort and once again, the sound of the ocean waves continued to remind us all of life’s blessings.

Following the Secrets all-adult jaunt, we were invited to head South to another beach property.   Dreams Puerto Aventuras offers families a great way to enjoy time together, but it was an interesting taxi ride adventure to get there.

We did a little bartering until one of the bellman found us a young man that fit our price range for the trek.  Dreams cc1 BlogHis car, however, left a bit to be desired as we lumbered along the highway.  Driving in any country when one isn’t too familiar with the surroundings is an adventure but this young man apparently had a timing problem with the engine and every now and then we would jump at the sound of a big “Pop” thinking we had either been shot or a tire had just blown out.   What might have been a shorter ride ended up taking a bit longer as we stopped occasionally to dust off the wires under the hood and walk around the car to see if it was OK.   What can I say?  Life is an adventure!   We laugh about that fond memory even today.

Years ago when I worked for Ports of Call Travel Club in Denver, CO I had traveled and stayed along the southern coast in the Playa del Carmen area.  All that prior experience came to light as I finally realized we were way South of Puerto Aventuras and had to turn around and go back to find the resort nicely tucked away off the main highway.   Yes indeed life IS an adventure for sure!

dolphin cc2 blogWe had read and studied about the Dreams property and were excitedly surprised as we walked past the on-site “dolphinarium” where a trainer was working with and training a dolphin right on property.  Our Sales Manager Jacky explained the package for families to swim WITH the dolphins is quite reasonable … and definitely would be a place we would recommend for our friends and clients.

Celebrating our friend Karen Wilson’s birthday was especially fun at the restaurant that rescued us from a sudden downpour.  By the time we finished cake and ice cream we were ready to tour the rest of the resort.

We found the artwork in the hallways interesting and unusual.  The rooms were lovely and Karen & cake cc 2 blogpeople who were staying there had nothing but rave reviews about the stay.


art 2 cc 2 Blog art cc 2 blog

bed cc2 blog


One oPool w swim up cc2 blogf our favorite features at Dreams is the lounge chairs right in the pool with the adjacent swim-up bar.  After all, what better way to take advantage of the all- inclusive feature than to “cool off” at the bar.  Never a dull moment!

And to end some perfect time away from home, it’s always nice to enjoy a sunset on the beach.   ANY beach!    Being back in Cancun after a few years made us realize all over again how great we are blessed by being able to book travel through our own website and get paid commissions.  Cruising or not, Sunset cc2 blogit’s all still fun.  In the next BLOB we’ll visit the last 2 resorts we took advantage of while in Cancun — the Gran Caribe Real Resort and the Hyatt next door.

Happy cruising through life until next time.